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Araceli Hirtle helps women better manage parenting while maintaining work-life balance. Araceli has 15 years of clinical experience providing an eclectic therapeutic approach. She specializes in working with wives of first responders and victims/survivors of domestic violence. Araceli uses humor, psychoeducation, digital resources, and book recommendations in her treatment.

What I Offer

Individual Therapy

I provide one - two 50 minute sessions per week of individual therapy. We spend the first sessions getting to know one another, building rapport, while creating goals for treatment. I will help you develop coping skills, identify triggers for your symptoms and help you process your feelings. I will teach you skills to manage your stressors and help you identify your strengths to reinforce your progress.

Collateral/ Family Therapy

If there is a need for additional services I can add collateral sessions or Family Therapy sessions, as needed.  Family sessions can include anyone deemed as part of your family system, your mom, your kids, your spouse, etc. ​Collateral sessions can be a session with your spouse, or anyone else that could benefit from psychoeducation regarding your symptoms or tips on helping you manage your symptoms. ​All supportive services will be as needed and ONLY if they will beneficial and NOT harmful to you! If you think the supportive service may be helpful and I do not, I will tell you why and we will problem solve. Ultimately my focus is YOUR wellbeing, if I do not think it would beneficial to have a supportive person involved in your treatment will not include them. ​To have someone included, we will first review the pros and cons of including a person/s in your treatment, and review what will and will not be discussed. 

Therapy for partners of federal law enforcement officers

I specialize in working with those who are married to federal law enforcement officers with managing solo parenting, while maintaining their work/life balance”. Is this you? Marriage and parenting are difficult. Often it is hard to find the energy to be patient, creative or loving. Adding on the difficult task of being married to a Federal Law Enforcement Officer (CIA, FBI, Customs + Border Protection, US Secret Service, DEA, Marshals Service, ATF, etc). We sometimes do not know where are spouses are, often can't reach them via telephone or we know their lives are at risk, is just overwhelming and isolating sometimes. ​Finding a community when your family moves around often or being around family that just doesn't get "why are they gone AGAIN?!" makes this life difficult. ​Let's talk and help improve those coping skills and remind you that you are a badass. Yes, you "signed up for this life," but it doesn't mean you have to suffer, struggle or manage alone.

My Approach

Everyone is different, with a different trauma history and different stages in their progress, that is why I utilize an eclectic therapy approach. Based on your needs that day, we can utilize the following, or a combination of these therapeutic approaches:

Pricing Plans

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Personal Session


Couple Session


Group Session


Most Popular Questions To Discuss Mental Health

First of all I think you are super brave to even consider getting help. Therapy can look like a lot of things, but mostly the goal is to help you feel better. We talk about things that are bothering you. We work on learning ways to manage symptoms, such as decreasing worries, fears or sadness. We figure out things that make you this way to better manage those triggers. We explore family patterns that impact your functioning or coping skills. 

This is a great question and a very important one. Honestly studies show the better the relationship between a therapist and their patient/ client the more effective treatment will be. This is why I offer a free 15- “good fit” call to get to know one another and see if we are a good fit. If after working together something feels off, we can figure out how to make it better or refer you out to another therapist. 

I honestly believe everyone can benefit from therapy. Being in therapy is a supportive, non judgmental space where you can talk, process and heal. Some of my patients start working with me to deal with chronic anxiety or to manage resentment towards their spouse. Others want to heal from years of trauma.

If you have an insurance provider I don’t work with or wish to pay out of pocket, 1 time assessment fees are $200, 55-minute therapy sessions are $150. I also am able to provide you with a superbill to provide to insurance for potential reimbursement. 

Yes, I do take insurance.

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